Mowing Services

A freshly mowed lawn goes a long way when comes to making your yard or business lawn looking beautiful. KDI Landscaping can not only create beautiful landscapes and lawns, but also maintain them.

Our lawn mowing services can be schedule weekly, bi weekly or on an “on call” basis.mowing services in keene nh

Some details of our mowing services:

  • Pre mowing prep by walking the yard before we mow & remove any lawn furniture, toys, hoses, etc; anything that would create a safety hazard or negatively effect the quality of the mowing. If there is something you do not want removed while we mow (like a kiddie pool that took all day to fill) please notify one of our mowing technicians when we arrive or call Isaac ( 603 899 6510 ) to let him know ahead of time.
  • Edging and weed wacking all mulch beds and other edges.
  • We offer spring thatching
  • Our mowing crew will give our clients the option to have all the clippings collected and removed from the site or dumped in an out of the way spot on the property.
  • We will trim lawn edges, walls, fences, trees, foundations, walkways and any other objects within or immediately adjacent to lawn area. If there is a section of property that needs to be weed wacked separate or on a less frequent schedule, we can accommodate your needs.
  • When our team is done mowing, we make sure there are no clippings in the mulch beds, on the walk ways, patio areas, or driveways.
  • Our crew & machines can cut your lawn in straight or diagonal stripes, alternating direction every cut to give it the diamond appearance. This technique of mowing is also healthier for your lawn.
  • KDI Landscaping  invests in the best equipment possible & therefore we maintain our lawn equipment meticulously. This means a proper cutting job from well sharpened blades & a quick job done from efficiently tuned machines. All safety devices are utilized to ensure top-notch safety to both our crew & any little ones who may be in the yard while we work.
  • Lawn fertilization & aeration services are also available.

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Our mowers are professional and trustworthy. We can usually accommodate tight time schedules.  Just let us know what is important to you when we first visit you.

Call KDI Mowing Services for a no obligation quote @  603 899 6510 

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